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I’m proud of my grandmother, the escort…
Posted By Admin, February 23rd, 2017

I know that most young guys would want to keep it a secret but I am proud of the fact that my grandmother works as a visiting escort. I mean, she may be in her late forties but she is a real stunner and when she has her make up done and is dressed to the nines she looks absolutely amazing for her age. You can tell that she was quite the beauty when she was younger. She has those high cheekbones beloved of quality fashion magazines, long legs that would grace any catwalk and following her boob job she looks incredible in a low cut top. I’m not surprised that she is more than a little popular with guys looking for an experienced lady who can still exude sex appeal.

It did get a little awkward when a guy I know who has a thing for older women told me that he was going to book her for a night of intimate pleasure – he didn’t quite put it like that – and then described in detail how he hoped the night would unfold. But, you know what, it’s the twenty first century and an individual has every right to follow their own path. If my gran’s path leads her to the hotel door of a lucky client then good luck to her.

There has been an unexpected bonus of my gran’s double life mind. By day she is your average housewife, washing and ironing, cooking and cleaning. She dresses functionally and makes little effort to glam up. And as you can imagine all of her friends on the housing estate are the same. But by night when she transforms herself from homemaker to heartbreaker she is a different creature all together. It’s as if a different person has entered the room. Her presence is magnetic, she oozes sex and she just dominates men’s eyes. I have to remind myself it is my gran! In fact just writing about her in this way is a little uncomfortable. But, and here’s the point, when she is an escort gran’s friends are also, chameleon like, transformed. But how did I discover all of this in the first place?

It was by accident that I visited my gran’s place and discovered her and a couple of her fellow escorts getting ready to leave to meet a rich client. He was a wealthy banker in his fifties and he liked to party with at least three mature escorts for the whole night long. Must have been quite a lucrative gig for the mature ladies I think. Anyway I had only popped along to let her know I was going to be away for a few days with my new girlfriend and wanted to tell her about what I had planned. But when I walked in I was confronted with three gorgeous women dressed to impress in quite revealing and hot outfits. Gran explained to me that she and her friends led this double life and even their husbands didn’t know. She said she could confide in me because I was her special grandson and she could trust me to keep a secret.

Well, obviously I was more than a little shocked at the revelation but as I said earlier I am for live and let live. Who am I to judge? I was just about to say ‘no worries gran’ when one of her friends took me by the hand and led me upstairs. I was such a sweet boy she said, that I deserved one of her special massages, just to help me get over the shock you see. I was taken aback and didn’t know what to say. So I just let her take control. I’m glad I did.
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